Level 89 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp


I am wearing the spring flower crown, doctor’s mask, wedding-party dress, white stockings and figure-skating shoes. I am so glad that I added the doctor’s mask. Once I added that it came together really well. I love how I was able to capture my own personal style with the wedding look. I added the mask because I thought about the weather at the time and that it may be allergy season. lol.  I usually like to add an accessory so that reflects a little oddity. lol.


SooOOoo I am going to be honest with yawl. Currently, as of November 6th, 2018, I am at level 106. I was trying to post as I leveled up but things fell behind.


 I finished the Wedding Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt 2. You can read more about my experience here.


I leveled up Redd’s shrine during this time. I really like the shrine. It creates a peaceful environment in my campground.


Samshine hanging with villagers:  Twiggy the bird, Hopkins the bunny,   Ketchup the duck, Tia the Elephant, and Vic the Bull.

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