Perler Leaf

I reinstated my Patreon account. I was missing making little animal crossing crafts. I had a friend express interest in pledging but I had already closed my account. After her inquiry I decided why not reopen. The images below are of my most recent mini perler bead creation. The leaf from Animal Crossing New Leaf. […]

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Etoíle Cosplay

This was my first ever cosplay!! I decided early on that I wanted to cosplay a villager from Animal Crossing.  I new at that point most people would probably not know who I was. That allowed me to choose a villager that I liked versus choosing a villager that I thought people would recognize. Since […]

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Isabelle Wool Felting

I have always enjoyed felting with raw wool. There is something very therapeutic about stabbing material with the felting needles. It’s very stress releasing. Life gets stressful… Ok but..back to being not creepy. I cut a foam ball in half and wrapped the raw wool around it. That’s a trick that saves the amount of […]

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