Week 4: Bunny Day!

Day 21: Gotta Get Them Petals

Wednesday April 8th, 2020


It was a busy day on my island. I was able to collect a lot of the cherry blossom recipes which made me super happy. I also got this super cute papa bear from a balloon. At one point I had a swollen eye from a wasp sting and Cyd the Elephant gave me medicine. I am so happy that I was able to Cyd on an island. He’s a cool dude.


Agnes gave me a reaction. I disagree… lol

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I went shopping in my cousins town. I am so thankful to be able to visit my friends and family through animal crossing at this time of quarantine. I already worked from home as an artist, so my low income already reduced my ability to go out of the house, but quarantine obviously keeps me totally confined now. So having all of my non animal crossing related friends joining my animal crossing friends is REALLY cool.


Gulliver came to town. I think he gave me a nutcracker…? I can’t even remember.

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I accidentally forgot to take a screenshot of the recipe from the message in a bottle from Kevin the pig. I didn’t even right it down in my notes, so perhaps it was just a recipe I already had. Also! I am now taking full advantage of checking on my villagers in their homes in order to get recipes.


I had to make room for my lack of storage in my house. I moved the trees to the back and added tables, because I prefer to get things off the floor. The items I do leave on the floor are clothing, furniture, wallpaper, and carpet. I leave those on the ground so I can stand over them and figure out what they are. Other items like supplies and materials I place on a table because I can see what they are on the table. I do not have to stand on them to identify what they are.


I keep adding to and moving my freebie section. Today I dumped a lot of excess clothing from my closet. Lol.

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My girlfriend came over to my island after work. I showed her all the progress I had made on my island. Eventually we got into our pajamas and laid on the futons looking at the stars. This game is so special to me.

Day 22: Wishing Upon Stars

Wednesday April 9th, 2020


I think that the messages in the bottles for egg day are super cute wrapped in this design.

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I’ve got quite a few recipe today. Some I was able to get from friends towns. Some I was able to get from bottles. ONE I GOT FROM CELESTE!!


I really like this outfit. If I was the ringleader for a circle, this is what I would wear.

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My animal crossing friend Sassy came to visit my town. This was her first visit in my New Horizons town.

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I visited my cousin Gina and we wished upon the stars together. Her friend Simone was there as well. We had some good laughs while waiting for the stars to shoot.

Day 23: Last Day for Petals

Wednesday April 10th, 2020


It worked! I wished on stars and there were star fragments on my beach the next day. I was so unbelievably happy to see them there. EEEEEeeee Sadly, no Aries star fragments, or large star fragments. But HEY! IT WORKED!!


I’ve ben chatting with Sable every day trying to get her to warm up to me. It is slowly working. Confine your Spines! I want to say this to someone now. lol

Day 24: 1st Fishing Tournament

Wednesday April 11th, 2020

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Fishing Tournament Day!!! It was my first fishing tournament in Animal Crossing New Horizons. I made fish bait ahead of time from the clams. C.J. gave me 3 minutes on the clock and I had to catch a many fish as possible. I was able to catch 9 fish. C.J. gave me 11 points for all the fish. I used those points to  get a fish door plate.

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I was really excited about the log decorative shelves. I really like the log furniture. I like to customize it to be birch or white wood.


The loans in Animal Ctossing New Horizons are a lot higher in price. At least my second story was larger than the New Leaf 2nd story starter size.


I think that the bell vouchers are a waste of miles.

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Rodeo is moving into Elvira Bay! I had to kick out Ed. I wasn’t sad to see Ed leave because I found that horse to be rather full of himself, which I find off putting. I think that Rodeo will be a perfect addition to Elvira Bay.

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I had some newbies to my town. It was exciting to show off Elvira Bay to my online animal crossing friends. Being able to play with other people takes the game to the next level.


I really love the colors in the Rajah Brooke’s birding. If you watch it flutter, as you show it off, you can see the colors shift in the green wings. The detail is so beautiful.

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My bamboo gardens are looking really nice. I added the white wind flowers, and some of the cherry blossom lanterns. My bone yard has been growing. I like placing the fossils outside. I like the way they look. Slightly creepy peering behind the trees.


Still getting changed for bedtime. I’ve been wearing the face mask to bed. lol

Day 25:

Wednesday April 12th, 2020

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Today is the day for the bunny day event. It was pretty easy to fill all of Zippers requests. I was excited to get the bunny day wand recipe because I had all the materials to make it. That meant that I could use the wand features for the very first time!! I was also excited about the Bunny Day Arch but I would’ve appreciated getting it sooner in the month so that I could’ve used it as decoration leading up to bunny day. Instead of on bunny day and then for a few days after until I take it down because bunny day is over….

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Invited Tiffany to my campground for the first time. Usually she is wearing a spider web shirt, this time she was wearing the tuxedo dress. I think it looks great on her. She also had red long sleeve gloves on.


I didn’t buy turnips but I thought she looked super cute so I wanted to take a picture with her. I think I need to get more on top of the turnip trade. Perhaps it’s time to take it more seriously…. it feels like gambling and that stresses me out. lol Thankfully I have enough friends that I would be able to check others turnip prices against mine. I just have nightmares of thousands of rotting turnips. lol

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I got to make some outfits! I was super excited to add these outfits to my wand. Each is a different aspect of myself and I just love getting to scroll through all of them.

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Finished off Bunny Day celebrating with my girlfriend and her friend Ryberry. I gave them a tour of my house and we stopped by Tiffany’s campground. They saw the slow but steady progress of the carnival. It was a great way to end the week.

That concludes week 4 of Samshine in Elvira Bay in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Thanks for reading! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Patreon.


Week 3: Cherry Blossoms & Eggs

Day 14 – Cherry Blossoms Begin

Wednesday April 1st, 2020

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April has begun and that means cherry blossoms are in town! I quickly rearranged some trees so I could have more pink trees around my resident services and nooks cranny. Of course it also means Bunny Day is coming. I really don’t like that Cherry Blossoms got smashed in with Bunny Day. There was a lot going on.

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Since it was the first of April I caught so many new fish and bugs to donate to my museum. I caught so many different species that quote frankly, I don’t want to sit here and type up the list for you, so instead enjoy this slideshow.

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I learned a lot of new recipes for the Bunny Day Event and for the Cherry Blossom Festival. I was super excited about the glowy garland which I hung up in my bedroom. I also really liked the wood egg lamp. Eunice gave me an egg crown and I enjoyed making this for some of my other villagers. I forget to go into the villagers houses, occasionally they will gift you a free recipe. It is super important check in with villagers that are inside their homes.

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I invited Claudia to my town. She asked for a tall garden rock which used up 60 stones to make. Which was practically my entire stone collection. I really wanted Claudia in my town so I sacrificed that much stone in order to convince her to move to my town. She still needed two other visits before she could move in.

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I love the gnomes in this game. I remember the gnome that you could get in the other games and I had hoped that in New Horizon there would be some more gnome options, and then look at this! They added more gnome variations. I was super excited and put the gothic, Harley riding gnome outside of my house when I first got him. I have continued to finish my days by putting on my pjs and jumping into my bed before saving.

Day 15 – Label Visits the Island

Thursday April 2nd, 2020

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This is the week that I played almost all day every day because I was determined to catch as many cherry-blossom petals as possible. I really love the cherry blossom furniture so I wanted to make sure that I had enough cherry blossoms for myself and also to share with my friends and family that can’t play this game as obsessively as me. They have “real jobs” to go to, so I help them make extra bells or extra blossoms when they are out making real money. Usually I just ask for a fair trade in return. But usually the items I gave away for free are because I care about the people I am playing with. I am happy to see them happy. Their happiness in the game is enough payment to me. They don’t have to pay me with real life money or even bells.

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I collected a lot of recipes on this day. I was excited about the merry and festive balloon recipes. I made those and set them up in front of my entrances. I also put some next to my giant mama bear, which adds to the picnic feel that I was going for.

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I was persistent with getting Claudia to move to my island. The second time she came she asked for a flat garden rock. Which also called for a ridiculous amount of stone. I made it for her anyways because I really wanted her on my island. Why is she so obsessed with rocks?

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Label was a new arrival to my town. She ended up giving me a fashion test! Just like Gracie used to do, but now Label has taken over the task. This was a lot easier than Gracies fashion checks. She gifted me an item in which I could use for the challenge. I didn’t end up needing it because I already have amassed quite a collection of clothing, She asked for the Work Outfit theme so I went with the blazer, hard hat, and a mask. She seemed to like it, but I heard she’s easy to pass. She gifted my a Label cap. I prefer Label over Gracie.

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Just like in New leaf, if you see a flea on a villager you gotta catch it with a net. Poor Eunice had a flea on her and I had to get it off. I hate fleas, they are terrible lil insects that annoy me and are such a terrible thing to get out of your home. So if I can help my villagers with flea then I will help them get those fleas off!! ALSO! I caught an Atlas moth and I was very excited about this! I am hoping that Flick can make me a model of the Atlas moth, one day.

Day 16 – Flick’s First Visit

Friday April 3rd, 2020


It was the first day that Flick visited my island. I was so excited! I didn’t have three bugs for him to make a model of, so I missed out on that first chance. I sold him a lot of bugs and he gave me a lot of bells. I really like Flick. I am always hoping that he will be my special character for the day.


It was Eunice’s Birthday today! I bought her a wrapped present. She was happy. Unfortunately I did not get a picture of Eunice but instead caught a picture of Al in Eunice’s house celebrating her birthday. lol I do like Al’s sideburns and eyebrow.

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I was able to get more cherry blossom recipe today. Those cherry blossom recipe are hard to come by. I also got the bunny day earth clothing. My favorite is the shoes. I love how giant and floppy they look. They remind me of gnome shoes.

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I caught a zebra fish, agrias butterfly and a rajah Brooke’s birdwing butterfly. I tried to catch three of the zebra fish and agrias butterfly because I want to make models of them. I find that a lot of butterflies congregate in my flower breeding area. I tend to make my rounds around the island multiple times a day, and the flower garden is always a great way to catch buggies and make some bells.

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 I visited my cousin, Gina of Mandalore. I love visiting other people towns. It’s super cool to see what has arrived in their shops and how they choose to display their island. Also I love seeing what they do with their house decor.

Day 17 – K.K. Slider Concert

Saturday April 4th, 2020

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K.K. Slider came to the island for the first time. It was very exciting!! All of my villagers came out to hear him perform. I really love how everything got dark and it turned into a private show. I love how as he plays his song you go through the different seasons of Animal Crossing. You even get a few shooting star throughout his performance.

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I learned how to terraform and build paths. I was super excited about finally being able to do this part of the game. I already had so many ideas for lil adjustments I wanted to do around the island. It was nice to add a lil room here or take away some cliff there. I also made some super cute waterfalls and jumping stones.


Claudia finally decided she could move onto my island. I had to choose who to kick out, since I didn’t have the bells at the time to buy a new plot. I decided to kick Al off the island because he kept sitting in places that made it so I couldn’t walk past him. I was a lil sad to see Al go, because he did give me medicine one time when I got stung by a wasp.

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I spent a lot of time searching for those cherry blossom recipe. I was able to get the cherry blossom lantern. I placed quite a few around Elvira Bay and I think they are so beautiful on my island. I did get a lot of bunny day recipe duplicates so I left those in a free section of my island. The downside is that a lot of my fellow players also got duplicate bunny day recipes so… the recipes might be sitting in the free section for awhile.

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I had some friends visit my island today, since Saturday is usually a very busy day. First I had my friend Sage from Utah visit. Then my girlfriend visited and I showed her all the new things I added to my island. Then my cousin Gina invited us to her island to go shopping. It was a blast!

Day 18 – 1st Hybrid Island

Sunday April 5th, 2020


I really love this outfit. I am standing outside of Kitt’s house. I already miss the pink cherry blossom trees around my house. I love the way the pink trees look. I wish they would have extended the cherry blossom time, to more than just 10 days. Why not the whole month? I don’t understand.

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My recipe for the day was bonsai shelf, which I have still yet to make because I do not have all the materials. Then  I invited Cherry to the campgrounds. She asked me to make her an iron garden bench which took a lot of iron, but anything for my Cherry.


I added to my daily to do list to always check on my villagers in their houses, in case they are crafting something. I cherish those recipes so I have remember to go in their houses. I also learned that I can go into villagers houses on other peoples islands and the villagers will still give me a recipe if they are crafting. So that was exciting!! Since I go to peoples islands all the time.


I’ve started my orchard of pear, orange, apple, and cherry trees. I also have a row of my islands native fruit, peaches. Having an orchard is a main way in which I made bells fast.

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Of course it being the weekend I had a lot of people over to my island. First my girlfriend joined me and we went shopping. Then my cousin stopped by to go shopping. Then my college friend popped in to check out my island. Then an old coworker came by to run around my town. It was so fun seeing all these people that I know and miss. We went to the museum and we went to my campgrounds. I showed them my growing carnival.


This is where I put all of the fish and bugs that I want to make into models. I’ve been storing them on the left side of my beach.

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I finished the day by going to an island. I am so glad that I did because it was a hybrid island and I was able to collect so many blue, pink, and orange hyacinths! I am so glad that hybrid islands exist because breeding flowers takes so much time. Hybrid island makes it a lot easier to get special flowers onto your island. YAY!

Day 19 – Messages in a Bottle

Monday April 6th, 2020

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I got two messages in a bottle right next to one another. I thought that was so funny. I was super excited to get the pear bed recipe, since I am collecting all of the fruit recipes.

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Look at this super cute adventure dress that my girlfriend sent me. It reminds me of the Alice in wonderland dress. I was super excited to get it from her. I had to show it off to Soleil who was minding her own business reading a book on the beach.


Tangy gave me the curiosity reaction. So far Agnes, Tangy and Eunice have been the main villagers to give me reactions. I love the reactions because they make it so easy to communicate with your friends when you’re playing with them. Sometimes I want to zoom or have a phone calls while we play in each others towns, but sometimes I would rather rely on my reactions and the limited text bubbles. I use the nook link phone app which makes typing so much easier!!

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Cherry had me make her a wooden waste bin. It was only the second time inviting her to my island so, sadly she did not want to move in just yet.

Day 20 – Messages in a Bottle

Tuesday April 7th, 2020

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My girlfriend made these tall garden stones for me. I placed them in a circle like an alter. I really love the way it looks, even with the weeds growing. The wooden egg lights are perfect for illuminating my island.

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I was really excited to catch the guppy. I think it’s colors are so beautiful, so hopefully I can get more and create a model.


My question is “what happens when I fill up the Nooks Rewards?” Do we eventually get more? Just some thoughts I have on the Nook Miles Rewards. How many of you are coming to the end of your Nook Miles Rewards?

That concludes Week 3 of

Samshine in Elvira Bay.

Here is an example of my daily notes in Animal Crossing New Horizons.


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Week 2 – Elvira Bay in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Day 8 – A busy day of visits

Friday, March 26th 2020

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I received my last broadcast from Tom Nook. It was really exciting to see Isabelle in town. She is so up beat! Talking to Tom I learned that he really wants K.K. Slider to come to town. I even learned Tom Nooks go to karaoke song, K.K. Lament.


The Able sisters, Mabel and Sable, are officially in my cousins town so I had to go check it out. I had hoped there would be more than one version of the cat hood. I was super excited to see a white and brown cat hood. Also, did the mean for the ice cream hat to end up making your head look like poop?

It was exciting to see my good friend Shep released a message in a bottle. I love reading their little messages. So cute.

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I had more friends and family visits. I went to my sisters town and checked out how her house was coming along. She’s got a kitchen vibe. I also had a college buddy visit my town. It was super cool to see him since this is the first time he’s played the animal crossing series. Lastly, my girlfriend came for a run around my island.


I showed her where I put the anatomical body that she gifted me. I placed in the far back beach of my island. It’s morbid and creepy but I love it.

Day 9 – A Continuation of Visits

Friday, March 27th 2020

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I love seeing my villagers doing yoga. It is super cute how they start stretching in the town square. Al sat down in the middle of my walk way making it so I couldn’t pass by. I am not a fan of Al….

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My friend Sage visited my town. I made us matching outfits and I gave her the island tour. I really wish you could ride the carousel horses. She had never seen the peach surprise so she was opening and closing it. My friend Sage lives a few states over from me so I don’t get to see her very often. It felt like we had a genuine visit. That is another reason why I love animal crossing. It allows for me to feel like I am visiting with my friends and family, when I am still at home.

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Since it was a Friday night my girlfriend came over and I took her on a date. I first had her pick out an outfit so we would be fancy together. Then we went to the highest hill on my island where I had set up a lil candle circle. Very romantic. Then we went to the museum. This was the first time that I had gone to the museum. I waited to go because I wanted my first time to be on our date. I tried to fill it up as much as possible so that our first trip wouldn’t be a total bust. I got quite a few bugs, fish and fossils in the museum, so it didn’t feel barren at all.

Day 10 – A day of Celebrations

Saturday, March 28th 2020

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Celebrating the town hall development. I forgot to check back in with Tom Nook so I had a few celebratory events to attend. We celebrated the town hall transitioning from a tent to a wooden structure.


We celebrated the opening of the museum.

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We celebrated the campground!


I was not glad to see Ed at my campsite. I still invited him to Elvira Bay because I thought “I should let the first villager that arrives at my campsite to move in.” He has not been my cup of tea.

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I gotta say that one down side to the recipes  and to trying to collect all the items in Animal Crossing is that I can develop a lil bit of fear of missing out. I get nervous I won’t able to collect all the recipes or all the furniture or all the colors of that favorite dress. You know? Then I remind myself that it is a game and that I have time and that everything is ok.


Mabel was in town! I really love the clothing in animal crossing. I have been changing my outfit multiple times a day just because I love all the options. I also like to match the weather. So if it started raining I would change into my rain boots and my rain jacket. If it is sunny I will put on my sun glasses and a short sleeved outfit.

Day 11 – Claudia at my Campsite

Sunday, March 29th 2020


Claudia visited my town today! I invited her with an amino card. Claudia is my favorite animal crossing villager so it was a matter of time before I would have her visit my town.


My house is filling up pretty quickly. I refurbished the clam bed to make it this rainbow iridescent color instead. The floor and wallpaper are design that I created since I wanted a purple hue in the room.  Wisp came to town today. I asked for something expensive and he gave me a red dotted wall. I didn’t like the way it looked. So far I have not been pleased with Wisps prizes.


I paid off my loan today! I am so exited to get an extra bedroom. Woot Woot! I am running out of room to fit all of my crafts I need a bedroom. I love that my house in animal crossing is already beginning to look like my house in real life. Full of projects, books, and plants. lol

Day 12 – Hybrid Island

Monday, March 30th 2020

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I invited Ruby to my campsite. I think Ruby is super cute with her red eyes and lil freckles. She had me make her a log stool. I’ll probably have her move in eventually. I will most likely give her a different outfit to where though. I love her in the spider web shirt.

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I was able to catch an oarfish during the day time so I could capture it in better lighting. That fish is so huge you would think my gum would pop on it.  I was finally able to catch an orchid mantis. I am hoping that I can get a model of the Orchid Mantis from Flick.

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I celebrated the Able Sister store opening. I put it behind Nooks Cranny because I prefer to have all my shops close together. I was super excited to have the Able Sisters store in town. I love the clothing in this game so I filled my closet real fast with clothing.


Saharah visited my town today. I can’t remember what she even gave me so it mustn’t have been exciting. I have yet to use her special tickets.

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I went to an island full of hybrids. This was the first time that I had gone to a special island. I was unbelievably excited about this. I am so used to waiting for one hybrid to grow at a time. I was so happy!! I left all my tools on the island because I wanted to use those spaces for flowers. After this island I went to a bamboo island. It was my first bamboo island so I was super excited to finally get bamboo for all the bamboo related recipes I was getting.

Day 13 – Shopping Spree

Tuesday, March 31st 2020

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I spent so many bells at Ables! I spent over 50,000 bells. I wanted to purchase every version of the princess dress. I ended up getting the bright green princess dress with the bright green bicycle helmet and I thought they were so funny together. I really love that the cat hood comes in different colors. I was really limited by the dark blue cat hood, so now I can expand my cat wardrobe to browns and whites. It really makes it easier for me to be a stylish cat.


C.J. arrived in my town for the first time. He had me catch 3 small fish. I failed. I was able to get one small fish. Oh well. I was wishing that I had some football fish to give him for a model. But at the time I didn’t have any. Now I am building a pile of fish on my beach to collect for models.

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My goal is to collect all of the fruit furniture. I was super excited to see the pear bed recipe in this message in a bottle. Every time I find a message in a bottle I start singing the song “Message in a Bottle” by the band The Police.


I think I am so hilarious and clever. I found a new breed. The Tyransaurusmamoth. LOL


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Week 1 – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Day 1 – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Thursday, March 19th 2020 9pm


The birth of Elvira Bay with Samshine leading the way. Lol I was super excited to play ACNH!! I had been waiting so long for this game. It took me up until the last moment to decide on my town name. I ended up choosing Elvira Bay as an ode to my love for Elvira and because I live in the Bay Area. Since the Bay of Elvira was too long I decided on the name, Elvira Bay. 

Of course I jumped right in and started crafting my tools so that I could run around my lil patch of island and hit trees and catch bugs or fish. I had a blast right off the bat.

I’m not kidding. I was determined to catch as many new bugs or fish as possible. I wanted to donate to my museum but I also wanted those sweet bells.

Day 2 – Welcome to Elvira Bay

Friday, March 20th 2020


I continued playing Thursday night into the wee early hours of Friday morning. I did take a break at some point to sleep. LOL But here are all the fish and bugs that I caught on Friday. The tarantula was terrifying. It really got my heart racing. The oarfish was amazing to watch as it was continually pulled out of the water. I was super excited about the football fish. The football fish is one of my favorite fish in the sea. I love the detail that sometimes the squid comes out of the ocean still black with ink.

I was super stoked about the DIY recipes that you can find in messages in bottles on the beach. I have yet to see these villagers but to see their names on the pages makes me so happy. I really hope that I can get Fuchsia or Pinky to Elvira Bay.

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I try to lay down in my bed when before I save. Laying in bed before I save makes me feel even more immersed into Animal Crossing.


Day 3 – A day of introductions & 1st visits

Saturday, March 21st 2020


I did not manipulate time. I am just a hardcore Animal Crossing Fan and I was determined to open my museum as soon as possible.


Mabel visited and I was super excited to see her so early on. Changing my look is a huge part of Animal Crossing for me. I love being able to switch up my outfit at any moment. So that fact that I got to see Mabel so soon gave me hope for getting a shop in town.

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I had 4 different people visit my town. I was so excited to share what I had found and done so far. I was able to get the peach chair recipe that very day so I made everyone peach chairs as a welcome gift.


I love that I can zoom in when taking a picture. It also allows for me to look closer at things, even if I am not meaning to photograph them. I made this shirt from my pastel rainbow pattern. I always make this pastel rainbow pattern for my Animal Crossing towns. I love everything about my outfit, especially the glasses that cover up the wasp sting.

Day 4 – A very busy day!

Sunday, March 22nd 2020


Lyle from Happy Home Academy stopped by and ranked my house. I got a tapestry for it.

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Mabel back so soon! She was in town for the whole day! It was super awesome to see her again. I bought a bunch of stuff from her. I really hope she sets up a shop in town.

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Nook taught me how to refurbish furniture! This was so exciting for me. I was nervous I would have to wait awhile to be able to refurbish. In New Leaf you have to wait for quite some time before you can refurbish furniture so it was very exciting see this available so early on.

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I LOVE the DIY recipes that you can get. They are either in bottles that wash up from the shore, in presents from balloons, or villagers give them to you.


The balloon presents in New Leaf were severely disappointing. New Horizons balloon presents have been amazing!! Lol I happened to have my flimsy shovel break right as a balloon flew by.

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I visited my first town. I went to Corny, my lil sisters town. We happened to even wear the same hair color. I also visited a few other friends and family members towns. It was a busy day.


My sister sent me this letter and included a personal touch. My nickname, Salmon.


Only one recipe for today but at least it was from the super cute koala bear Yuka.

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I had some first time interactions. First Harvey, than the new special character Daisy Mae, and lastly Blathers. I purchased 10 turnips from Daisy Mae. I don’t usually play the turnip market but I thought since this was the first time that I had met her I should give her a few of my bells. I was able to buy the turnips for a low price of 90 bells per turnip.

I really like the cabinet where I can purchase plants and various tools. This was a rather busy Monday for me. So many new faces, so many old friends & family. Sahara even came to town but I forgot to take pictures. So many things happening! I love this game.

Day 5 – Celebrated Nook’s Cranny

Monday, March 23rd 2020


Technically the grand opening was the day before, but it was such. busy day I didn’t get around to celebrating until the next day. So far Agnes, Bam, Eunice, & Tangy are living in Elvira Bay.

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I got some DIY recipes. I’ll try to remember to document what recipes I get. Lol I love reading their letters.

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I am super excited to see that I am collecting reactions from my villagers. Emotional reactions make communication with my friends so much easier. I can clap for them when they catch a bug or fish. I can wave hello or goodbye. I can look in shock when they accidentally hit one of my villagers with a net. I did quite a few things on this day but I wasn’t very good at documenting it all. Oh well.

Day 6 – Some Day I have to REST 😦

Tuesday, March 24th 2020


I have had to learn that I am not a robotic woman. I can not cross animals 24/7. My body gets tired. I have to stop to take care of myself. I have to make sure that I get enough sleep, that I eat enough, stay hydrated, do my morning routine, stretch and exercise. Sometimes I use playing animal crossing as a reward for getting tasks done.


Since I had been crossing animals at such an extreme pace over the last 6 days, I really needed this day to recoup. So I just did my usual routine, sent some letters with presents in them to my friends and family.

Day 7 – Celeste visits Elvira Bay

Wednesday, March 25th 2020


I continued my Thursday taking it easy with the crossing of animals. I had a few friends over but I failed to take many pictures. I still needed some time to recoup my sore wrists.


I am soaking up these DIY recipes like I am a sponge. I cannot get enough of them.

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Then Celeste stopped by. I really wish I had spent more time playing on Thursday because it was a good day for wishing upon stars. I really missed the mark here. My sister was telling me all about the star fragments she got from all the wishes she made that night. She was able to make the Aries rocking chair from the zodiac series. So, it really pays to hang out at night when Celeste stops into your town.

This concludes week 1 of Elvira Bay in ACNH.

Level 91 – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I am wearing the beach-club sailor’s hat, tortoise specs, blue pop-star dress, soccer socks and white enamel pumps. This is my cute sailor look. I really wish there were more accessory options.


I want to start by saying that I love the loading images. What a great way to keep our attention while we wait for the page to load.

Fishing Event! I try to set a timer on my phone during the fishing tournaments.


It was so lovely to have Whitney move into my campsite. She is one of my favorite wolf villagers.


I was super excited to see Maple introduced to pocket camp. She is super cute. EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeEE


Sometimes I like to give the wrong gift suggestions to the villagers just so I can see their faces of shock and confusion. Lol


Hanging with all the villagers. Here you see me with Rosie the cat, Muffy the sheep, Roscoe the Horse, Pekoe the cub, Tia the elephant, Margie the elephant, Merry the cat, Kid Cat the cat, Rex the Lion and Beau the deer.


Updated some amenities. I love the historical vibe of the ancient temple and the modern look of  honeycomb library. I am an avid book reader. Having a library in my  campsite is very exciting.


I’m going to leave you with this adorable Ketchup the duck gif. I just love her outfit. TEE HEE. She totally looks like a boss.

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Level 90 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp



I am wearing the mandarin hat, tortoise specs, orange lace-up dress, and cowboy boots. I really liked this outfit. It came together really well. I love how I was able to capture the mandarin hat with the orange lace-up dress. The cowboy boots brought the whole outfit together. I usually like to add an accessory so thats why I chose the tortois specs. I also like to add the tortois specs to the villagers at my camp.





I love being able to interchange the amenities. The regal castle and the noble carriage were very very very exciting to craft. Although I don’t display a lot of elegant furnitre in my camp I LOVE to display the elegant amenities. I also updated the modern tent. I think the modern tent is super cute. It’s a modern amenity which really gives that impression with the modernist painting of Isabelle behind the table and chairs. I crafted the first level of the ancient temple. This historic building reminded me of a Greek ruin.


The Bloomin Booty Event with Kapp’n was awesome. I sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I was growing my own sunflowers at the same time so that was neat.



I was able to get the sunflower patch, flowery picnic blanket, sunflower arch,  sunflower folding chair, sunflower shades, and sunflower dress. I wish I had gone further in this event, but sometimes real life gardens get in the way of technological gardens. lol




Samshine hanging with villagers: Muffy the sheep, Tom the cat, Twiggy the bird, Lily the frog, Octavian the octopus,  Lopez the deer, Shari the monkey, Charlise the bear, Agnes the pig, Bitty the hipo, Mitzi the cat, Stitches the cub, Zell the deer, Rosie the cat, and Ketchup the duck.




I was able to get the hydrangea hedge from Lily’s hydrangea cookies.



I was able to get the beach-club sailor’s hat, large palm tree, and surfboard screen from Roalds beach cookies. I am not a huge fan of how the fortune cookies work. I didn’t use any leaf tickets for this event.

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Level Up 88 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

My favorite number is 8 so I was SUPER EXCITED when I leveled up to 88.  You can see Vic behind me cheering me on.  I was really happy to see Vic as a villagers because I have always enjoyed collecting the Scale Armor clothing. Vic is wearing the scale armor suit in all of the Animal Crossing games.


I worked on taking more screenshots of me helping my fellow campers out with tasks. Filbert is happy to have some fish, while Pierce sniffs perfume. Beau is enjoying his new citrus shirt, while Tia gets a soft serve lamp.

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Perler Leaf

I reinstated my Patreon account. I was missing making little animal crossing crafts. I had a friend express interest in pledging but I had already closed my account. After her inquiry I decided why not reopen. The images below are of my most recent mini perler bead creation. The leaf from Animal Crossing New Leaf.

I ended up making one leaf with a brown outline and another leaf with no outline. I ended up liking the leaf with the outline more. What do you think?

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Level 87 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp


I leveled up to 87! I was so excited to reach 87 because it meant I was super closer to reaching 88. 8 is my favorite number so I always enjoy reaching that level.



I enjoyed playing the Gyroidite Scavenger Hunt with the wedding theme. I was able to I was able to make the wedding party table, wedding party vest. I even broke down and spent my leaf tickets for the flower crown veil. I hope you enjoy my gifs and videos. I am trying to add more mediums to my blog posts. Please let me know what you think.


I have been working on creating my own Animal Crossing guidebook. I ordered a happy planner so that I could use it to add the villagers birthdays in the monthly template and add their profiles on the day templates. Then I will create section to showcase the various tips and tricks of Animal Crossing. I plan to create a few templates so stay tuned for updates.


I always enjoy chatting with the villagers of Animal Crossing. Here I am with Robin, Merry, Punchy, and Hopkins. I am wearing the bunny hood and ribbit raincoat, with the white stockings and figure skate shoes.


I decided to rearrange my campsite. I felt like it had been awhile since I refreshed the set up. I really like the Rose Wedding Table and the Pink Tea Party Chairs together. I also adore the patchwork style so I have the lamp and the hammock in the camp sight.

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