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Question 1:

I would rather own a… 

A. A shrine of zen items.

B. A fighter’s gym.

Question 2:

My favorite color is…

A. Purple

B. Brown

Question 3:

My style is more…

A. Historical

B. Rock ‘n Roll

Question 4:

My skills are 

A. Drawing Circles

B. Chin-ups

Question 5:

I would describe my fur by saying…

A. It is white with red stripes along my face and yellow eyes.

B.  It is blue, my muzzle is white and the tip of my tail.

Question 6:

My look is inspired by…

A. Japanese Kabuki make-up.

B.  Tom from the show “Tom and Jerry.”



A. Kabuki

B. Tom

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Question 1:

Choose the word that you most relate to

A. Ambition

B.  Endurance

C. Versatility

D.  Sensitivity

E. Affection

F.  Analytical

G. Courtesy

H.  Resourcefulness

I. Generosity

J.  Caution

K. Cooperation

L.  Intuitiveness

Question 2:

Choose the word that you most relate to

A. Enterprising

B.  Conservative

C. Mutabile

D.  Sympathetic

E. Loyal

F.  Studious

G. Hopeful

H.  Regenerative

I. Explorative

J.  Authoritative

K. Progressive

L.  Compassionate

Question 3:

Choose the word that you most relate to

A. Temper

B.  Argumentative

C. Superficial

D.  Restless

E. Vane

F.  Critic

G. Indecisive

H.  Jealous

I. Over-confidence

J.  Resentful

K. Impractical

L.  Low Self-esteem

Question 4:

Choose the word that you most relate to

A. Initiative

B.  Determination

C. Intellect

D.  Impressionable

E. Authoritative

F.  Servitude

G. Partnership

H.  Mystery

I. Idealism

J.  Honor

K. Universal

L.  Gentle


If you answered I. for ever answer you are 100% Kabuki or Tom because their astrological sun sign is Sagittarius. To start the Animal Crossing Astrological Villager Quiz follow the link.

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