Animal Crossing Villager Type Quiz

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Question 1:

I tend to wake up and go to bed around…

A:   10:00am – 4:00am

B.   7:00am – 12:00am

C.  9:00am – 11:00pm

D.   6:00am – 12:00am

E.   9:00am – 1:00am

F.   8:30am – 2:00am

G.   9:30am – 2:00am

H:   11:00am – 3:00am

Question 2:

I am…

A:   Protective

B.   Encouraging

C.  Hospitable

D.   Kind

E.   Friendly

F.   Polite

G.   Well-Spoken

H:   Straight Forward

Question 3:

Sometimes I can be…

A:   Bitter

B.   Dim-Witted

C.  Too Relaxed

D.   A Clean Freak

E.   Incessantly Excited

F.   Egotistical

G.   Sarcastic

H:   Brash

Question 4:

I have difficulty recognizing that…

A:   I am easily irritated.

B.   I am unintelligent.

C.  I am sluggish.

D.   I have low self-esteem.

E.   I overly apologize.

F.   I am conceited.

G.   I can be offensive.

H:   What I say & how I say it can come off rude.


Question 5:

If I was a family member I would be the…

A:   Grandpa

B.   Little Brother

C.  Older Brother

D.   Mother

E.   Little Sister

F.   Father

G.   Grandma

H:   Big Sister


Question 6:

Would I describe myself as a fashionable villager?

A:   I am fashionable, it’s everyone else who isn’t.

B.   Who cares about fashion, it’s all about my rippling muscles.

C.   I share all the fashion tips I read in ‘Chillin’ magazine.

D.   I’m more concerned with hygiene.

E.   I would say I’m comfortably fashionable.

F.    I am effortlessly fashionable.

G.   Always! Only high end fashion for me.

H:   I have my own individualistic style.


Question 7:

How I feel about food.

A:   I’m not afraid to inform others about the problems of unhealthy food.

B.   Nothing hits the spot better than fruit, any kind of fruit.


D.   I love cooking and will often ask other villagers about food.


F.   Food is food…

G.   Although I enjoy cooking, I am envious of villagers with better cooking skills.

H:   Food is better enjoyed with others.


Question 8:

How I feel about gossip.

A:   I enjoy gossiping about the lifestyle choices of other villagers.

B.   Occasional gossip isn’t so bad… I’ll tell you what rumors the other villagers made about you.

C.  Nah… I’ll pass.

D.   Absolutely Not! Gossip hurts my feelings.

E.   I tend to be the center of it… I don’t like gossip.

F.   Gentlemen do not gossip.

G.   I love it! What else is there to talk about?!?!

H:   I’d rather just say it to your face…


Question 9:

How difficult is it to befriend me?

A:   It is very difficult! You will need to run errands and mail me letters in order to befriend me.

B.   It is not too hard to befriend me. You’ll just need to partake in some friendly competition with me and we’ll become the best of buds.

C.  It’s more possible to befriend me if you have food in your town.

D.   It is not difficult to befriend me. I get along with everyone!

E.   It is the easiest thing to befriend me!! I want to be friends with everyone!!

F.   I will easily get along with you if we visit each others home.

G.   It is extremely difficult to befriend me, but keep on chatting with me. Eventually I’ll open up and be kind.

H:   It is rather easy to befriend me because I’m happy to give you fighting tips, relaxation tools, as well as medicine when you’re stung by a bee.

Question 10

I am sitting at home and…

A. reading Zen Daily.

B. reading Muscles and Hot Yoga Monthly.

C. reading Chillin Magazine.

D. reading Better Hostess .

E. reading my fan letters.

F. listening to music.

G. reading Chic Magazine.

H. reading Window Shopping Pro.





A. Cranky

B. Jock

C. Lazy

D. Normal

E. Peppy

F. Smug

G. Snooty

H. Uchi


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