Villager Birthday Twin


Elise WA Icon.png March 21st  _  Elise the monkey
Paula WA Icon.png March 22nd  _  Paula the bear
Axel WA Icon.png March 23rd  _  Axel the elephant
Skye WA Icon.png March 24th  _  Skye the wolf
Celia WA Icon.png March 25th  _  Celia  the eagle
Billy WA Icon.png March 25th  _ Billy the goat
Fauna WA Icon.png March 26th  _  Fauna the deer
Louie WA Icon.png March 26th –  Louie the gorilla
Lolly WA Icon.png March 27th  _  Lolly the cat
Baabara WA Icon.png March 28th  _  Baabara the sheep
Biff WA Icon.png March 29th  _  Biff the hippo
Felicity WA Icon.png March 30th  _  Felicity the cat
Klaus WA Icon.png March 31st  _  Klaus the bear
Tammi WA Icon.png April 1st  _  Tammi the monkey
Cashmere WA Icon.png April 2nd  _  Cashmere the sheep
Eunice WA Icon.png April 3rd  _  Eunice the sheep
Buck WA Icon.png April 4th  _  Buck the horse
Beau WA Icon.png April 5thBeau the deer
Hopper WA Icon.png April 6th  _  Hopper the penguin
ResettiAMFIcon.png April 6th – Sonny Resetti the mole.
Rasher WA Icon.png April 7th  _  Rasher the pig
Maelle WA Icon.png April 8th  _  Maelle the duck
Stella WA Icon.png April 9th  _  Stella the sheep
Shari WA Icon.png April 10th  _  Shari the monkey
Punchy WA Icon.png April 11th  _  Punchy the cat
Melba WA Icon.png April 12th  _  Melba the koala
Candi WA Icon.png April 13th  _ Candi the mouse
Rocket WA Icon.png April 14th  _  Rocket the gorilla
GramsAMFIcon.png April 15th  _  Grams the kappa
Vesta WA Icon.png April 16th  _  Vesta the sheep
Marty WA Icon.png April 16th – Marty the cub
Charlise WA Icon.png April 17th  _  Charlise the bear
PorterAMFIcon.pngApril 17th –Porter the monkey
Piper WA Icon.png April 18th  _  Piper the bird
Pietro WA Icon.png April 19th  _  Pietro the sheep


April 20th _ Stu the bull
Agnes WA Icon.png April 21st _ Agnes the pig
Phoebe WA Icon.png April 22nd _ Phoebe the ostrich
BookerAMFIcon.png April 23rd _ Booker the dog
Miranda WA Icon.png April 23rd – Miranda the duck
Walt WA Icon.png April 24th _ Walt the kangaroo
Bertha WA Icon.png April 25th _ Bertha the hippo
Kevin WA Icon.png April 26th _ Kevin the pig
Katt WA Icon.png April 27th _ Katt the cat
Ava WA Icon.png April 28th _ Ava the chicken
Coach WA Icon.png April 29th _ Coach the bull
Angus WA Icon.png April 30th _ Angus the bull
Clyde WA Icon.png May 1st _ Clyde the horse
DonAMFIcon.png May 1st – Don Resetti the mole
Mint WA Icon.png May 2nd _ Mint the squirrel
Sylvia WA Icon.png May 3rd _ Sylvia the kangaroo
Deirdre WA Icon.png May 4th _ Deirdre the deer
 May 5th _ Paolo the elephant
Tank WA Icon.png May 6th _ Tank the rhino
Ozzie WA Icon.png May 7th _ Ozzie the koala
Curlos WA Icon.png May 8th _ Curlos the sheep
Bunnie WA Icon.png May 9th _ Bunnie the rabbit
Patty WA Icon.png May 10th _ Patty the cow
Cherry WA Icon.png May 11th _ Cherry the dog
Ellie WA Icon.png May 12th _ Ellie the elephant
Biskit WA Icon.png May 13th _ Biskit the dog
Canberra WA Icon.png May 14th _ Canberra the koala
Leonardo WA Icon.pngMay 15th _ Leonardo the tiger
Ike WA Icon.png May 16th _ Ike the bear
Gayle WA Icon.png May 17th _ Gayle the alligator
Pekoe WA Icon.png May 18th _ Pekoe the cub
Olaf WA Icon.png May 19th _ Olaf the anteater
T-Bone WA Icon.png May 20th _ T-Bone the bull




June WA Icon.png May 21st _ June the cub
Colton WA Icon.png May 22nd _ Colton the horse
Mabel PC icon.pngMay 22nd Mabel the hedgehog
Peggy WA Icon.png May 23rd _ Peggy the pig
Deli WA Icon.png May 24th _ Deli the monkey
Derwin WA Icon.png May 25th _ Derwin the duck
Gulliver PC icon.pngMay 25th – Gulliver the gull
Bruce WA Icon.png May 26th _ Bruce the deer
Del WA Icon.png May 27th _ Del the alligator
Renée WA Icon.png May 28th _ Renée the rhino
Cece WA Icon.png May 28th _ Cece the squirrel
Purrl WA Icon.png May 29th _ Purrl the cat
Hamlet WA Icon.png May 30th _ Hamlet the hamster
Tom Nook PC icon.png May 30th _  Tom Nook the tanuki
Marcie WA Icon.png May 31st _ Marcie the kangaroo
Keaton WA Icon.png June 1st _ Keaton the eagle
Lucy WA Icon.png June 2nd _ Lucy the pig
Inkwell WA Icon.png June 2nd _Inkwell the octopus
Filbert WA Icon.png June 3rd _ Filbert the squirrel
Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 8.50.20 PM June 4th _ Champ the monkey
Camofrog WA Icon.png June 5th _ Camofrog the frog
LyleAMFIcon.pngJune 6th _ Lyle the otter
Raddle WA Icon.pngJune 6th _ Raddle the frog
Nookling PC icon.pngNookling PC icon.png June 7th _  Timmy and Tommy the tanuki
Zell WA Icon.png June 7th _  Zell the deer
Peanut WA Icon.png June 8th _  Peanut the squirrel
Alfonso WA Icon.png June 9th _ Alfonso the alligator
Walker WA Icon.png June 10th _ Walker the dog
Pudge WA Icon.png June 11th _ Pudge the cub
Bettina WA Icon.png June 12th _ Bettina the mouse
Scoot WA Icon.png June 13th _ Scoot the duck
Pippy WA Icon.png June 14th _ Pippy the rabbit
Maple WA Icon.png June 15th _  Maple the cub
Roscoe WA Icon.png June 16th _ Roscoe the horse
Tangy WA Icon.png June 17th _ Tangy the cat
Spike WA Icon.png June 17th _ Spike the rhino
Cookie WA Icon.png June 18th _ Cookie the dog
Sally WA Icon.png June 19th _ Sally the squirrel
Graham WA Icon.png  June 20th _ Graham the hamster
PhineasAMFIcon.png June 20th _  Phineas the sea lion
179px-Sydney_NLJune 21stSydney the koala




Jacques WA Icon.png June 22nd _ Jacques the bird
Tammy WA Icon.png June 23rd _ Tammy the cub
Bluebear WA Icon.png June 24th _ Bluebear the cub
Drake WA Icon.png June 25th _ Drake the duck
Marina WA Icon.png June 26th _ Marina the octopus
Deena WA Icon.png June 27th _ Deena the duck
CopperAMFIcon.png June 28th _ Copper the dog
Kidd WA Icon.png June 28th _ Kidd the goat
Merry WA Icon.png June 29th _ Merry the cat
Broccolo WA Icon.png June 30th _ Broccolo the mouse
weber June 30th _ Weber the duck
Curt WA Icon.png July 1st _ Curt the bear
Agent S WA Icon.png July 2nd _ Agent S the squirrel
Blaire WA Icon.png July 3rd _ Blaire the squirrel
Apollo WA Icon.png July 4th _ Apollo the eagle
Samson WA Icon.png July 5th _ Samson the mouse
Reese PC icon.png July 5th _ Reese the alpaca
Mira WA Icon.png July 6th _ Mira the rabbit
Bree WA Icon.png July 7th _ Bree the mouse
Viché WA Icon.png July 7th _Viché the squirrel
Jeremiah WA Icon.png July 8th _ Jeremiah the frog
Static WA Icon.png July 9th  _ Static the squirrel
Huck WA Icon.png July 9th _ Huck the frog
Mott WA Icon.png July 10th _ Mott the lion
Toby WA Icon.png July 10th Toby the rabbit
Filly July 11th _ Filly the horse
Victoria WA Icon.png July 11th  – Victoria the horse
Kapp'n PC icon.png July 12th _ Kapp’n the kappa
Olive WA Icon.png July 12th Olive the cub
Twiggy WA Icon.png July 13th _ Twiggy the bird
Dizzy WA Icon.png July 14th _ Dizzy the elephant
Caroline WA Icon.png July 15th _ Caroline the squirrel
Frita WA Icon.png July 16th _ Frita the sheep
Jay WA Icon.png July 17th _ Jay the bird
Croque WA Icon.png July 18th _ Croque the frog
Nibbles WA Icon.png July 19th _ Nibbles the squirrel
Pascal PC icon.png July 19th _ Pascal the otter
Yuka WA Icon.png July 20th _  Yuka the koala
Prince WA Icon.png July 21st _  Prince the frog
Chow WA Icon.png July 22nd _ Chow the bear




Elvis WA Icon.png July 23rd _ Elvis the lion
O'Hare WA Icon.png July 24th _ O’Hare the rabbit
Rex WA Icon.png July 24th _  Rex the lion
Peck WA Icon.png July 25th _  Peck the bird
Curly WA Icon.png July 26th _ Curly the pig
Erik WA Icon.pngJuly 27th _ Erik the deer
Ketchup WA Icon.png July 27th _  Ketchup the duck
Truffles WA Icon.png July 28th _ Truffles the pig
Lionel WA Icon.png July 29th _ Lionel the lion
Frank WA Icon.png July 30th _ Frank the eagle
Grizzly WA Icon.png July 31st _ Grizzly the bear
Julia WA Icon.png July 31stJulia the ostrich
Kid Cat WA Icon.png August 1st _ Kid Cat the cat
Vladimir WA Icon.png August 2nd _ Vladimir the cub
harveyAugust 2nd – Harvey the dog
Benjamin WA Icon.png August 3rd _ Benjamin the dog
Tad PC icon.pngAugust 3rd _  Tad the frog
Bones WA Icon.png August 4th _ Bones the dog
Poppy WA Icon.png August 5th _ Poppy the squirrel
Chester WA Icon.png August 6th _ Chester the cub
Rory WA Icon.png August 7th _ Rory the lion
Boots PC icon.png August 7th _  Boots the alligator
Bud WA Icon.png August 8th _Bud the lion
Leif PC icon.png August 8th _  Leif the sloth
Soleil WA Icon.pngAugust 9th _ Soleil the hamster
Cole WA Icon.png August 10th _ Cole the rabbit
Gigi WA Icon.png August 11th _ Gigi the frog
Gloria WA Icon.png August 12th _ Gloria the duck
Tabby WA Icon.png August 13th _ Tabby the cat
Rod WA Icon.png August 14th _ Rod the mouse
Leopold PC icon.png August 14th _  Leopold the lion
Wendy WA Icon.png August 15th _ Wendy the sheep
LeilaAMFIcon.png August 16th _ Leila the kappa
Nate WA Icon.pngAugust 16th _ Nate the bear
Stinky WA Icon.png August 17th _ Stinky the cat
Rocco WA Icon.png August 18th _ Rocco the hippo
Alice WA Icon.png August 19th _ Alice the koala
August 19th _  Tybalt the tiger
Lopez WA Icon.png August 20th _ Lopez the deer
Wart Jr. WA Icon.png August 21st _ Wart Jr. the frog
Rolf WA Icon.png August 22nd _  Rolf the tiger




K.K. PC icon.png August 23rd _ K.K. Slider
Nana WA Icon.png August 23rd Nana the monkey
Nan WA Icon.png August 24th _ Nan the goat
Jacob WA Icon.png August 24th _  Jacob the bird
Tipper WA Icon.png August 25th _ Tipper the cow
Rowan WA Icon.png August 26th _  Rowan the tiger
Bangle WA Icon.png August 27th _ Bangle the tiger
Chrissy WA Icon.png August 28th _ Chrissy the rabbit
Gruff WA Icon.png August 29th _ Gruff the goat
Hazel WA Icon.png August 30th _ Hazel the squirrel
Violet WA Icon.png September 1st _ Violet the gorilla
Flo WA Icon.png September 2nd _ Flo the penguin
Spork WA Icon.png September 3rd _ Spork the pig
Maggie PC icon.png September 3rd _ Maggie the pig
Cally WA Icon.png September 4th _ Cally the squirrel
Greta WA Icon.png September 5th _ Greta the mouse
Cesar WA Icon.png September 6th _ Cesar the gorilla
Celeste PC icon.png September 7th _ Celeste the owl
Tucker WA Icon.png September 7th _ Tucker the elephant
Astrid WA Icon.png September 8th _ Astrid the kangaroo
Pinky WA Icon.png September 9th _ Pinky the bear
Pecan WA Icon.png September 10th _ Pecan the squirrel
Peewee WA Icon.png September 11th _ Peewee the gorilla
Boone WA Icon.png September 12th _ Boone the gorilla
lottieSeptember 12th _ Lottie the otter
Moose WA Icon.png September 13th _  Moose the mouse
Ricky WA Icon.png September 14th _  Ricky the squirrel
Tutu WA Icon.png September 15th _  Tutu the bear
Ed WA Icon.png September 16th _  Ed the horse
Whitney WA Icon.png September 17th _  Whitney the wolf
Bubbles WA Icon.png September 18th _  Bubbles the hippo
Fuchsia WA Icon.png September 19th _ Fuchsia the deer
Octavian WA Icon.png September 20th _ Octavian the octopus
Norma WA Icon.png September 20th _ Norma the cow
Henry WA Icon.png September 21st _ Henry the frog
Ankha WA Icon.png September 22nd _ Ankha the cat




Cranston WA Icon.png September 23rd _ Cranston the ostrich
Apple WA Icon.png September 24th _ Apple the hamster
Blathers PC icon.png September 24th _  Blathers the owl
Mitzi WA Icon.png September 25th _ Mitzi the cat
leilani September 26th _ Leilani the kappa
Teddy WA Icon.png September 26th _  Teddy the bear
Beardo WA Icon.png September 27th _ Beardo the bear
Kody WA Icon.png September 28th _ Kody the cub
Marshal WA Icon.png September 29th _ Marshal the squirrel
Monique WA Icon.png September 30th _ Monique the cat
 October 1st _ Boyd the gorilla
Diva WA Icon.png October 2nd _ Diva the frog
Big Top WA Icon.png October 3rd _ Big Top the elephant
Goose WA Icon.png October 4th _ Goose the chicken
Elmer WA Icon.png October 5th _ Elmer the horse
Tex WA Icon.png October 6th _ Tex the penguin
Bitty PC icon.png October 6th _  Bitty the hippo
Cobb WA Icon.png October 7th _ Cobb the pig
Kiki WA Icon.png October 8th _ Kiki the cat
Drift WA Icon.pngOctober 9th _ Drift the frog
Benedict WA Icon.png October 10th _ Benedict the chicken
FranklinAMFIcon.png October 10th _ Franklin the turkey
Kitt WA Icon.png October 11th _ Kitt the kangaroo
Lyman WA Icon.png October 12th _ Lyman the koala
Plucky PC icon.png October 12th _ Plucky the chicken
Chops WA Icon.png October 13th _ Chops the pig
Gonzo WA Icon.png October 13th _  Gonzo the koala
Egbert WA Icon.png October 14th _ Egbert the chicken
Brewster PC icon.png October 15th _  Brewster the pigeon
Hippeux WA Icon.png October 15th _  Hippeux the hippo,
Bea WA Icon.png October 15th _Bea the dog
Friga WA Icon.png October 16th _  Friga the penguin
Limberg WA Icon.pngOctober 17th _ Limberg the mouse
Al WA Icon.png October 18th _ Al the gorilla
Redd PC icon.png October 18th _  Redd the kitsune
Clay WA Icon.png October 19th _  Clay the hamster
Antonio WA Icon.png October 20th _ Antonio the anteater
Timbra WA Icon.png October 21st _ Timbra the sheep
Sandy PC icon.png October 21st _ Sandy the ostrich
Katie PC icon.png October 22nd _  Katie the cat
sylvana October 22nd _   Sylvana the squirrel
Groucho PC icon.pngOctober 23rdGroucho the bear




Broffina WA Icon.png October 24th _ Broffina the chicken
Snooty WA Icon.png October 24th _  Snooty the anteater
Portia WA Icon.png October 25th _ Portia the dog
Eugene WA Icon.png October 26th _ Eugene the koala
Jambette WA Icon.png October 27th _ Jambette the frog
Gaston WA Icon.png October 28th _ Gaston the rabbit and Katrina
Rodeo WA Icon.png October 29th _ Rodeo the bull
Wade WA Icon.png October 30th _ Wade the penguin
Jack PC icon.png October 31st _  Jack the pumpkin
Labelle PC icon.png October 31st _ Labelle the hedgehog
Butch WA Icon.png November 1st _ Butch the dog
Rilla WA Icon.png November 1st _  Rilla the gorilla
Iggly WA Icon.png November 2nd _  Iggly the penguin
Snake WA Icon.png  November 3rd _ Snake the rabbit
Lucky WA Icon.png November 4th _ Lucky the dog
Lobo WA Icon.png November 5th _ Lobo the wolf
Boris WA Icon.png November 6th _ Boris the pig
Bam WA Icon.png November 7th _ Bam the deer
Alli WA Icon.png November 8th _ Alli the alligator
Pango WA Icon.png November 9th _ Pango the anteater
Rodney WA Icon.png November 10th _ Rodney the hamster
SaharahAMFIcon.png November 10th _ Saharah the camel
Mac WA Icon.png November 11th _ Mac the dog
Mathilda WA Icon.png November 12th _ Mathilda the kangaroo
Queenie WA Icon.png November 13th _ Queenie the ostrich
GracieAMFIcon.png November 14th _ Gracie the giraffe
Pancetti WA Icon.png November 14th _ Pancetti the pig
Sly WA Icon.png November 15th _ Sly the alligator
Daisy WA Icon.png November 16th _ Daisy the dog
Mallary WA Icon.png November 17th _  Mallary the duck
Tia WA Icon.pngNovember 18th _ Tia the elephant
Amelia WA Icon.png November 19th _ Amelia the eagle
Sparro WA Icon.png November 20th _ Sparro the bird
Flip PC icon.png November 21st _ Flip the monkey,
phyllis November 21st _ Phyllis the pelican
 November 21st _  Epona the horse
Claudia PC icon.png November 22nd _ Claudia the tiger
 November 22nd _  Sable the hedgehog



Knox WA Icon.png November 23rd _ Knox the chicken
Shep WA Icon.png November 24th _ Shep the dog
Wolfgang WA Icon.png November 25th _ Wolfgang the wolf
Willow WA Icon.png November 26th _ Willow the sheep
Phil WA Icon.png November 27th _ Phil the ostrich
Peaches WA Icon.png November 28th _ Peaches the horse
Kabuki WA Icon.png November 29th _ Kabuki the cat
Kicks PC icon.png November 30th _ Kicks the skunk
Tasha WA Icon.png November 30th _ Tasha the squirrel
Rooney WA Icon.png December 1st _ Rooney the kangaroo
Sprocket WA Icon.png December 1st _  Sprocket the ostrich
Annalise WA Icon.png December 2nd _ Annalise the horse
W. Link WA Icon.png December 2nd _  Wolf Link the wolf
Claude WA Icon.png December 3rd _ Claude the rabbit
Robin WA Icon.png December 4th _ Robin the bird
Carrie WA Icon.png December 5th _ Carrie the kangaroo
Hans WA Icon.pngDecember 5th _  Hans the gorilla
Kyle WA Icon.png December 6th _ Kyle the wolf
Monty WA Icon.png December 7th _ Monty the monkey
Buzz WA Icon.png December 7th _  Buzz the eagle
Eloise WA Icon.png December 8th _ Eloise the elephant
Becky WA Icon.png December 9th _ Becky the chicken
Chip PC icon.png December 9th _  Chip the beaver
Tom WA Icon.png December 10th _ Tom the cat
Sterling WA Icon.png December 11th _ Sterling the eagle
Lucha WA Icon.png December 12th _ Lucha the bird
Bianca WA Icon.png December 13th _ Bianca the tiger
 December 13th _  Medli the bird
Freya WA Icon.png December 14th _ Freya the wolf
Chadder WA Icon.png December 15th _ Chadder the mouse
Gabi WA Icon.png December 16th _ Gabi the rabbit
Cousteau WA Icon.png December 17th _ Cousteau the frog
Fang WA Icon.png December 18th _ Fang the wolf
Chief WA Icon.png December 19th _ Chief the wolf
Digby PC icon.png December 20th _ Digby the dog
Isabelle PC icon.png December 20th _  Isabelle the dog
Rudy WA Icon.png December 20th _  Rudy the cat
 December 21st _ Blanche the ostrich




Quillson WA Icon.png December 22nd _ Quillson the duck
Ken WA Icon.png December 23rd _ Ken the chicken
Jingle PC icon.png December 24th _ Jingle the reindeer
Ruby WA Icon.png December 25th _ Ruby the rabbit
Étoile WA Icon.png December 25th _  Etoile the sheep
Pashmina WA Icon.png December 26th _ Pashmina the goat
Goldie WA Icon.png December 27th _ Goldie the dog
Bella WA Icon.png December 28th _ Bella the mouse
Vic WA Icon.png December 29th _ Vic the bull
Murphy WA Icon.png December 29th _ Murphy the cub
Hugh WA Icon.png December 30th _  Hugh the pig
Marcel WA Icon.png December 31st _  Marcel the dog
Tortimer PC icon.png December 31st _   Tortimer  the tortoise
Bob WA Icon.png January 1st _  Bob the cat
ShrunkAMFIcon.png January 2nd _  Dr. Shrunk the axolotl
Poncho WA Icon.png January 2nd _ Poncho the cub
Joey WA Icon.png January 3rd _ Joey the duck
Diana WA Icon.png January 4th _ Diana the deer
Roald WA Icon.png January 5th _ Roald the penguin
Carmen WA Icon.png January 6th _ Carmen the rabbit
Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 6.19.08 PM January 6th _ Felyne the cat
Harry WA Icon.png January 7th _  Harry the hippo
JoanAMFIcon.png January 8th _  Joan the boar
Pierce WA Icon.png January 8th _  Pierce the eagle
Tiffany WA Icon.png January 9th _  Tiffany the rabbit
Papi WA Icon.png January 10th _ Papi the horse
Maddie WA Icon.pngJanuary 11th _ Maddie the dog
Moe WA Icon.png January 12th _ Moe the cat
Puddles WA Icon.png January 13th _ Puddles the frog
Velma WA Icon.png January 14th _ Velma the goat
Gladys WA Icon.png January 15th _ Gladys the ostrich
 January 16th _ Ursala the bear
 January 17th _ Rizzo the mouse
Chelsea WA Icon.png January 18th _ Chelsea the deer
Simon WA Icon.png January 19th _ Simon the monkey




Opal WA Icon.png January 20th _ Opal the elephant
Genji WA Icon.png January 21st _ Genji the rabbit
Francine WA Icon.png January 22nd _  Francine the rabbit
Gwen WA Icon.png January 23rd _ Gwen the penguin
Rhonda WA Icon.png January 24th _ Rhonda the rhino
Savannah WA Icon.png January 25th _  Savannah the horse
Vivian WA Icon.png January 26th _ Vivian the wolf
Cyrus PC icon.png January 26th _  Cyrus the alpaca
Aurora WA Icon.png January 27th _ Aurora the penguin
Admiral WA Icon.png January 27th _  Admiral the bird
Margie WA Icon.png January 28th _ Margie the elephant
Cube WA Icon.png January 29th _ Cube the penguin
Flurry WA Icon.png January 30th _ Flurry the hamster
HarrietAMFIcon.png January 31st _ Harriet the dog
Winnie WA Icon.png January 31st _ Winnie the horse
Bill WA Icon.png February 1st _ Bill the duck
Rover PC icon.png February 1st _  Rover the cat
Jitters WA Icon.png February 2nd _ Jitters the bird
Olivia WA Icon.png February 3rd _ Olivia the cat
Lily WA Icon.png February 4th _ Lily the frog
Penelope WA Icon.png February 5th _ Penelope the mouse
Annalisa WA Icon.png February 6th _ Annalisa the anteater
Boomer WA Icon.png February 7th _ Boomer the penguin
BlancaAMFIcon.png February 8th _ Blanca the cat
Frobert WA Icon.png February 8th _  Frobert the frog
Flora WA Icon.png February 9th _ Flora the ostrich
Cleo WA Icon.png February 9th _  Cleo the horse
Stitches PC icon.png February 10th _ Stitches the cub
Pompom WA Icon.png February 11th _ Pompom the duck
Drago WA Icon.png February 12th _ Drago the alligator
Ribbot WA Icon.png February 13th _ Ribbot the frog
Muffy WA Icon.png February 14th _ Muffy the sheep
Kitty WA Icon.png February 15th _ Kitty the cat
Anabelle WA Icon.png February 16th _ Anabelle the anteater
Dobie WA Icon.png February 17th _ Dobie the wolf
Dora WA Icon.png February 18th _ Dora the mouse




Freckles WA Icon.png February 19th _ Freckles the duck
Sprinkle WA Icon.png February 20th _ Sprinkle the penguin
Puck WA Icon.png February 21st _ Puck the penguin
February 21st _  Ganon the pig
Avery WA Icon.png February 22nd _ Avery the eagle
Pate WA Icon.png February 23rd _ Pate the duck
Anicotti WA Icon.png February 24th _ Anicotti the mouse
Hamphrey WA Icon.png February 25th _ Hamphrey the hamster
WendellAMFIcon.png February 25th _  Wendell the walrus
Sheldon WA Icon.png February 26th _ Sheldon the squirrel
Wisp NL.png February 26th Wisp the spirit
Rosie WA Icon.png February 27th _ Rosie the cat
Naomi WA Icon.png February 28th _ Naomi the cow
LunaAMFIcon.png February 29th _ Lunathe tapir
Coco WA Icon.png March 1st _  Coco the rabbit
Barold WA Icon.png March 2nd _  Barold the cub
Bonbon WA Icon.png March 3rd _ Bonbon the rabbit
paveMarch 3rd _  Pavé the peacock
Anchovy WA Icon.png March 4th _ Anchovy the bird
Gala WA Icon.png March 5th _ Gala the pig
Chevre WA Icon.png March 6th _ Chevre the goat
Chai WA Icon.png March 6th _  Chai the elephant
Molly WA Icon.png March 7th _ Molly the duck
Zucker WA Icon.png March 8th _ Zucker the octopus
Pete PC icon.png March 8th _  Pete the pelican
Cyrano WA Icon.png March 9th – Cyrano the anteater
 March 11th _ Zipper T. Bunny the rabbit
Hopkins WA Icon.png March 11th _Hopkins the rabbit
Midge WA Icon.png March 12th _ Midge the bird
Dotty WA Icon.png March 14th _ Dotty the rabbit
Julian WA Icon.png March 15th _ Julian the horse
Doc WA Icon.png March 16th _ Doc the rabbit
Cheri WA Icon.png March 17th _ Cheri the cub
Merengue WA Icon.png March 19th _ Merengue the rhino
Pelly PC icon.png March 19th _ Pelly the pelican
Hornsby WA Icon.png March 20th _ Hornsby the rhino



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