I am a Gamer.

My favorite all time game is Animal Crossing. I collect and rehome Animal Crossing amiibo cards. You can follow my Lady Gamer adventures here or at @SamshineCrossing You can purchase my duplicate amiibos at Bonanza.


In 2017 I was selling my amiibo cards on Etsy. After a year, I finally made my expenses back and was beginning to make a profit. I was planning to use my profits to buy supplies for animal crossing artwork. I started with perler beads. I created a leaf, fossil, pitfall, and peach. I was preparing to sell my perler creations when unexpectedly Etsy closed my shop.


From ground zero I reshot, relisted, and recreated an entire new shop on Bonanza. Now I am working on creating with a new medium. I have always wanted to work with polymer clay so my next step is to make villagers out of polymer clay.


I currently have a working laser cutter so I also plan to use my machinery to create artwork. There are so many different creative direction that I could go in. There is only so much time and energy in the day.



Thanks for stopping by,