Week 4: Bunny Day!

Day 21: Gotta Get Them Petals

Wednesday April 8th, 2020


It was a busy day on my island. I was able to collect a lot of the cherry blossom recipes which made me super happy. I also got this super cute papa bear from a balloon. At one point I had a swollen eye from a wasp sting and Cyd the Elephant gave me medicine. I am so happy that I was able to Cyd on an island. He’s a cool dude.


Agnes gave me a reaction. I disagree… lol

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I went shopping in my cousins town. I am so thankful to be able to visit my friends and family through animal crossing at this time of quarantine. I already worked from home as an artist, so my low income already reduced my ability to go out of the house, but quarantine obviously keeps me totally confined now. So having all of my non animal crossing related friends joining my animal crossing friends is REALLY cool.


Gulliver came to town. I think he gave me a nutcracker…? I can’t even remember.

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I accidentally forgot to take a screenshot of the recipe from the message in a bottle from Kevin the pig. I didn’t even right it down in my notes, so perhaps it was just a recipe I already had. Also! I am now taking full advantage of checking on my villagers in their homes in order to get recipes.


I had to make room for my lack of storage in my house. I moved the trees to the back and added tables, because I prefer to get things off the floor. The items I do leave on the floor are clothing, furniture, wallpaper, and carpet. I leave those on the ground so I can stand over them and figure out what they are. Other items like supplies and materials I place on a table because I can see what they are on the table. I do not have to stand on them to identify what they are.


I keep adding to and moving my freebie section. Today I dumped a lot of excess clothing from my closet. Lol.

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My girlfriend came over to my island after work. I showed her all the progress I had made on my island. Eventually we got into our pajamas and laid on the futons looking at the stars. This game is so special to me.

Day 22: Wishing Upon Stars

Wednesday April 9th, 2020


I think that the messages in the bottles for egg day are super cute wrapped in this design.

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I’ve got quite a few recipe today. Some I was able to get from friends towns. Some I was able to get from bottles. ONE I GOT FROM CELESTE!!


I really like this outfit. If I was the ringleader for a circle, this is what I would wear.

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My animal crossing friend Sassy came to visit my town. This was her first visit in my New Horizons town.

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I visited my cousin Gina and we wished upon the stars together. Her friend Simone was there as well. We had some good laughs while waiting for the stars to shoot.

Day 23: Last Day for Petals

Wednesday April 10th, 2020


It worked! I wished on stars and there were star fragments on my beach the next day. I was so unbelievably happy to see them there. EEEEEeeee Sadly, no Aries star fragments, or large star fragments. But HEY! IT WORKED!!


I’ve ben chatting with Sable every day trying to get her to warm up to me. It is slowly working. Confine your Spines! I want to say this to someone now. lol

Day 24: 1st Fishing Tournament

Wednesday April 11th, 2020

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Fishing Tournament Day!!! It was my first fishing tournament in Animal Crossing New Horizons. I made fish bait ahead of time from the clams. C.J. gave me 3 minutes on the clock and I had to catch a many fish as possible. I was able to catch 9 fish. C.J. gave me 11 points for all the fish. I used those points to  get a fish door plate.

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I was really excited about the log decorative shelves. I really like the log furniture. I like to customize it to be birch or white wood.


The loans in Animal Ctossing New Horizons are a lot higher in price. At least my second story was larger than the New Leaf 2nd story starter size.


I think that the bell vouchers are a waste of miles.

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Rodeo is moving into Elvira Bay! I had to kick out Ed. I wasn’t sad to see Ed leave because I found that horse to be rather full of himself, which I find off putting. I think that Rodeo will be a perfect addition to Elvira Bay.

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I had some newbies to my town. It was exciting to show off Elvira Bay to my online animal crossing friends. Being able to play with other people takes the game to the next level.


I really love the colors in the Rajah Brooke’s birding. If you watch it flutter, as you show it off, you can see the colors shift in the green wings. The detail is so beautiful.

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My bamboo gardens are looking really nice. I added the white wind flowers, and some of the cherry blossom lanterns. My bone yard has been growing. I like placing the fossils outside. I like the way they look. Slightly creepy peering behind the trees.


Still getting changed for bedtime. I’ve been wearing the face mask to bed. lol

Day 25:

Wednesday April 12th, 2020

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Today is the day for the bunny day event. It was pretty easy to fill all of Zippers requests. I was excited to get the bunny day wand recipe because I had all the materials to make it. That meant that I could use the wand features for the very first time!! I was also excited about the Bunny Day Arch but I would’ve appreciated getting it sooner in the month so that I could’ve used it as decoration leading up to bunny day. Instead of on bunny day and then for a few days after until I take it down because bunny day is over….

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Invited Tiffany to my campground for the first time. Usually she is wearing a spider web shirt, this time she was wearing the tuxedo dress. I think it looks great on her. She also had red long sleeve gloves on.


I didn’t buy turnips but I thought she looked super cute so I wanted to take a picture with her. I think I need to get more on top of the turnip trade. Perhaps it’s time to take it more seriously…. it feels like gambling and that stresses me out. lol Thankfully I have enough friends that I would be able to check others turnip prices against mine. I just have nightmares of thousands of rotting turnips. lol

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I got to make some outfits! I was super excited to add these outfits to my wand. Each is a different aspect of myself and I just love getting to scroll through all of them.

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Finished off Bunny Day celebrating with my girlfriend and her friend Ryberry. I gave them a tour of my house and we stopped by Tiffany’s campground. They saw the slow but steady progress of the carnival. It was a great way to end the week.

That concludes week 4 of Samshine in Elvira Bay in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Thanks for reading! Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or Patreon.


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