Week 2 – Elvira Bay in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Day 8 – A busy day of visits

Friday, March 26th 2020

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I received my last broadcast from Tom Nook. It was really exciting to see Isabelle in town. She is so up beat! Talking to Tom I learned that he really wants K.K. Slider to come to town. I even learned Tom Nooks go to karaoke song, K.K. Lament.


The Able sisters, Mabel and Sable, are officially in my cousins town so I had to go check it out. I had hoped there would be more than one version of the cat hood. I was super excited to see a white and brown cat hood. Also, did the mean for the ice cream hat to end up making your head look like poop?

It was exciting to see my good friend Shep released a message in a bottle. I love reading their little messages. So cute.

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I had more friends and family visits. I went to my sisters town and checked out how her house was coming along. She’s got a kitchen vibe. I also had a college buddy visit my town. It was super cool to see him since this is the first time he’s played the animal crossing series. Lastly, my girlfriend came for a run around my island.


I showed her where I put the anatomical body that she gifted me. I placed in the far back beach of my island. It’s morbid and creepy but I love it.

Day 9 – A Continuation of Visits

Friday, March 27th 2020

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I love seeing my villagers doing yoga. It is super cute how they start stretching in the town square. Al sat down in the middle of my walk way making it so I couldn’t pass by. I am not a fan of Al….

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My friend Sage visited my town. I made us matching outfits and I gave her the island tour. I really wish you could ride the carousel horses. She had never seen the peach surprise so she was opening and closing it. My friend Sage lives a few states over from me so I don’t get to see her very often. It felt like we had a genuine visit. That is another reason why I love animal crossing. It allows for me to feel like I am visiting with my friends and family, when I am still at home.

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Since it was a Friday night my girlfriend came over and I took her on a date. I first had her pick out an outfit so we would be fancy together. Then we went to the highest hill on my island where I had set up a lil candle circle. Very romantic. Then we went to the museum. This was the first time that I had gone to the museum. I waited to go because I wanted my first time to be on our date. I tried to fill it up as much as possible so that our first trip wouldn’t be a total bust. I got quite a few bugs, fish and fossils in the museum, so it didn’t feel barren at all.

Day 10 – A day of Celebrations

Saturday, March 28th 2020

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Celebrating the town hall development. I forgot to check back in with Tom Nook so I had a few celebratory events to attend. We celebrated the town hall transitioning from a tent to a wooden structure.


We celebrated the opening of the museum.

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We celebrated the campground!


I was not glad to see Ed at my campsite. I still invited him to Elvira Bay because I thought “I should let the first villager that arrives at my campsite to move in.” He has not been my cup of tea.

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I gotta say that one down side to the recipes  and to trying to collect all the items in Animal Crossing is that I can develop a lil bit of fear of missing out. I get nervous I won’t able to collect all the recipes or all the furniture or all the colors of that favorite dress. You know? Then I remind myself that it is a game and that I have time and that everything is ok.


Mabel was in town! I really love the clothing in animal crossing. I have been changing my outfit multiple times a day just because I love all the options. I also like to match the weather. So if it started raining I would change into my rain boots and my rain jacket. If it is sunny I will put on my sun glasses and a short sleeved outfit.

Day 11 – Claudia at my Campsite

Sunday, March 29th 2020


Claudia visited my town today! I invited her with an amino card. Claudia is my favorite animal crossing villager so it was a matter of time before I would have her visit my town.


My house is filling up pretty quickly. I refurbished the clam bed to make it this rainbow iridescent color instead. The floor and wallpaper are design that I created since I wanted a purple hue in the room.  Wisp came to town today. I asked for something expensive and he gave me a red dotted wall. I didn’t like the way it looked. So far I have not been pleased with Wisps prizes.


I paid off my loan today! I am so exited to get an extra bedroom. Woot Woot! I am running out of room to fit all of my crafts I need a bedroom. I love that my house in animal crossing is already beginning to look like my house in real life. Full of projects, books, and plants. lol

Day 12 – Hybrid Island

Monday, March 30th 2020

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I invited Ruby to my campsite. I think Ruby is super cute with her red eyes and lil freckles. She had me make her a log stool. I’ll probably have her move in eventually. I will most likely give her a different outfit to where though. I love her in the spider web shirt.

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I was able to catch an oarfish during the day time so I could capture it in better lighting. That fish is so huge you would think my gum would pop on it.  I was finally able to catch an orchid mantis. I am hoping that I can get a model of the Orchid Mantis from Flick.

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I celebrated the Able Sister store opening. I put it behind Nooks Cranny because I prefer to have all my shops close together. I was super excited to have the Able Sisters store in town. I love the clothing in this game so I filled my closet real fast with clothing.


Saharah visited my town today. I can’t remember what she even gave me so it mustn’t have been exciting. I have yet to use her special tickets.

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I went to an island full of hybrids. This was the first time that I had gone to a special island. I was unbelievably excited about this. I am so used to waiting for one hybrid to grow at a time. I was so happy!! I left all my tools on the island because I wanted to use those spaces for flowers. After this island I went to a bamboo island. It was my first bamboo island so I was super excited to finally get bamboo for all the bamboo related recipes I was getting.

Day 13 – Shopping Spree

Tuesday, March 31st 2020

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I spent so many bells at Ables! I spent over 50,000 bells. I wanted to purchase every version of the princess dress. I ended up getting the bright green princess dress with the bright green bicycle helmet and I thought they were so funny together. I really love that the cat hood comes in different colors. I was really limited by the dark blue cat hood, so now I can expand my cat wardrobe to browns and whites. It really makes it easier for me to be a stylish cat.


C.J. arrived in my town for the first time. He had me catch 3 small fish. I failed. I was able to get one small fish. Oh well. I was wishing that I had some football fish to give him for a model. But at the time I didn’t have any. Now I am building a pile of fish on my beach to collect for models.

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My goal is to collect all of the fruit furniture. I was super excited to see the pear bed recipe in this message in a bottle. Every time I find a message in a bottle I start singing the song “Message in a Bottle” by the band The Police.


I think I am so hilarious and clever. I found a new breed. The Tyransaurusmamoth. LOL


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