Week 1 – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Day 1 – Animal Crossing New Horizons

Thursday, March 19th 2020 9pm


The birth of Elvira Bay with Samshine leading the way. Lol I was super excited to play ACNH!! I had been waiting so long for this game. It took me up until the last moment to decide on my town name. I ended up choosing Elvira Bay as an ode to my love for Elvira and because I live in the Bay Area. Since the Bay of Elvira was too long I decided on the name, Elvira Bay.Β 

Of course I jumped right in and started crafting my tools so that I could run around my lil patch of island and hit trees and catch bugs or fish. I had a blast right off the bat.

I’m not kidding. I was determined to catch as many new bugs or fish as possible. I wanted to donate to my museum but I also wanted those sweet bells.

Day 2 – Welcome to Elvira Bay

Friday, March 20th 2020


I continued playing Thursday night into the wee early hours of Friday morning. I did take a break at some point to sleep. LOL But here are all the fish and bugs that I caught on Friday. The tarantula was terrifying. It really got my heart racing. The oarfish was amazing to watch as it was continually pulled out of the water. I was super excited about the football fish. The football fish is one of my favorite fish in the sea. I love the detail that sometimes the squid comes out of the ocean still black with ink.

I was super stoked about the DIY recipes that you can find in messages in bottles on the beach. I have yet to see these villagers but to see their names on the pages makes me so happy. I really hope that I can get Fuchsia or Pinky to Elvira Bay.

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I try to lay down in my bed when before I save. Laying in bed before I save makes me feel even more immersed into Animal Crossing.


Day 3 – A day of introductions & 1st visits

Saturday, March 21st 2020


I did not manipulate time. I am just a hardcore Animal Crossing Fan and I was determined to open my museum as soon as possible.


Mabel visited and I was super excited to see her so early on. Changing my look is a huge part of Animal Crossing for me. I love being able to switch up my outfit at any moment. So that fact that I got to see Mabel so soon gave me hope for getting a shop in town.

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I had 4 different people visit my town. I was so excited to share what I had found and done so far. I was able to get the peach chair recipe that very day so I made everyone peach chairs as a welcome gift.


I love that I can zoom in when taking a picture. It also allows for me to look closer at things, even if I am not meaning to photograph them. I made this shirt from my pastel rainbow pattern. I always make this pastel rainbow pattern for my Animal Crossing towns. I love everything about my outfit, especially the glasses that cover up the wasp sting.

Day 4 – A very busy day!

Sunday, March 22nd 2020


Lyle from Happy Home Academy stopped by and ranked my house. I got a tapestry for it.

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Mabel back so soon! She was in town for the whole day! It was super awesome to see her again. I bought a bunch of stuff from her. I really hope she sets up a shop in town.

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Nook taught me how to refurbish furniture! This was so exciting for me. I was nervous I would have to wait awhile to be able to refurbish. In New Leaf you have to wait for quite some time before you can refurbish furniture so it was very exciting see this available so early on.

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I LOVE the DIY recipes that you can get. They are either in bottles that wash up from the shore, in presents from balloons, or villagers give them to you.


The balloon presents in New Leaf were severely disappointing. New Horizons balloon presents have been amazing!! Lol I happened to have my flimsy shovel break right as a balloon flew by.

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I visited my first town. I went to Corny, my lil sisters town. We happened to even wear the same hair color. I also visited a few other friends and family members towns. It was a busy day.


My sister sent me this letter and included a personal touch. My nickname, Salmon.


Only one recipe for today but at least it was from the super cute koala bear Yuka.

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I had some first time interactions. First Harvey, than the new special character Daisy Mae, and lastly Blathers. I purchased 10 turnips from Daisy Mae. I don’t usually play the turnip market but I thought since this was the first time that I had met her I should give her a few of my bells. I was able to buy the turnips for a low price of 90 bells per turnip.

I really like the cabinet where I can purchase plants and various tools. This was a rather busy Monday for me. So many new faces, so many old friends & family. Sahara even came to town but I forgot to take pictures. So many things happening! I love this game.

Day 5 – Celebrated Nook’s Cranny

Monday, March 23rd 2020


Technically the grand opening was the day before, but it was such. busy day I didn’t get around to celebrating until the next day. So far Agnes, Bam, Eunice, & Tangy are living in Elvira Bay.

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I got some DIY recipes. I’ll try to remember to document what recipes I get. Lol I love reading their letters.

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I am super excited to see that I am collecting reactions from my villagers. Emotional reactions make communication with my friends so much easier. I can clap for them when they catch a bug or fish. I can wave hello or goodbye. I can look in shock when they accidentally hit one of my villagers with a net. I did quite a few things on this day but I wasn’t very good at documenting it all. Oh well.

Day 6 – Some Day I have to REST 😦

Tuesday, March 24th 2020


I have had to learn that I am not a robotic woman. I can not cross animals 24/7. My body gets tired. I have to stop to take care of myself. I have to make sure that I get enough sleep, that I eat enough, stay hydrated, do my morning routine, stretch and exercise. Sometimes I use playing animal crossing as a reward for getting tasks done.


Since I had been crossing animals at such an extreme pace over the last 6 days, I really needed this day to recoup. So I just did my usual routine, sent some letters with presents in them to my friends and family.

Day 7 – Celeste visits Elvira Bay

Wednesday, March 25th 2020


I continued my Thursday taking it easy with the crossing of animals. I had a few friends over but I failed to take many pictures. I still needed some time to recoup my sore wrists.


I am soaking up these DIY recipes like I am a sponge. I cannot get enough of them.

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Then Celeste stopped by. I really wish I had spent more time playing on Thursday because it was a good day for wishing upon stars. I really missed the mark here. My sister was telling me all about the star fragments she got from all the wishes she made that night. She was able to make the Aries rocking chair from the zodiac series. So, it really pays to hang out at night when Celeste stops into your town.

This concludes week 1 of Elvira Bay in ACNH.

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