Level 91 – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

I am wearing the beach-club sailor’s hat, tortoise specs, blue pop-star dress, soccer socks and white enamel pumps. This is my cute sailor look. I really wish there were more accessory options.


I want to start by saying that I love the loading images. What a great way to keep our attention while we wait for the page to load.

Fishing Event! I try to set a timer on my phone during the fishing tournaments.


It was so lovely to have Whitney move into my campsite. She is one of my favorite wolf villagers.


I was super excited to see Maple introduced to pocket camp. She is super cute. EEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeEE


Sometimes I like to give the wrong gift suggestions to the villagers just so I can see their faces of shock and confusion. Lol


Hanging with all the villagers. Here you see me with Rosie the cat, Muffy the sheep, Roscoe the Horse, Pekoe the cub, Tia the elephant, Margie the elephant, Merry the cat, Kid Cat the cat, Rex the Lion and Beau the deer.


Updated some amenities. I love the historical vibe of the ancient temple and the modern look of  honeycomb library. I am an avid book reader. Having a library in my  campsite is very exciting.


I’m going to leave you with this adorable Ketchup the duck gif. I just love her outfit. TEE HEE. She totally looks like a boss.

Thank you SoooOOOooo much for checking out my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp journal. Find me on Patreon. Find me on Bonanza to purchase amiibo cards or gain access to free content.  You can become my friend in Pocket Camp by adding my friend ID below.

Friend ID: 4391 – 6806 – 740

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