Level 90 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp



I am wearing the mandarin hat, tortoise specs, orange lace-up dress, and cowboy boots. I really liked this outfit. It came together really well. I love how I was able to capture the mandarin hat with the orange lace-up dress. The cowboy boots brought the whole outfit together. I usually like to add an accessory so thats why I chose the tortois specs. I also like to add the tortois specs to the villagers at my camp.





I love being able to interchange the amenities. The regal castle and the noble carriage were very very very exciting to craft. Although I don’t display a lot of elegant furnitre in my camp I LOVE to display the elegant amenities. I also updated the modern tent. I think the modern tent is super cute. It’s a modern amenity which really gives that impression with the modernist painting of Isabelle behind the table and chairs. I crafted the first level of the ancient temple. This historic building reminded me of a Greek ruin.


The Bloomin Booty Event with Kapp’n was awesome. I sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I was growing my own sunflowers at the same time so that was neat.



I was able to get the sunflower patch, flowery picnic blanket, sunflower arch,  sunflower folding chair, sunflower shades, and sunflower dress. I wish I had gone further in this event, but sometimes real life gardens get in the way of technological gardens. lol




Samshine hanging with villagers: Muffy the sheep, Tom the cat, Twiggy the bird, Lily the frog, Octavian the octopus,  Lopez the deer, Shari the monkey, Charlise the bear, Agnes the pig, Bitty the hipo, Mitzi the cat, Stitches the cub, Zell the deer, Rosie the cat, and Ketchup the duck.




I was able to get the hydrangea hedge from Lily’s hydrangea cookies.



I was able to get the beach-club sailor’s hat, large palm tree, and surfboard screen from Roalds beach cookies. I am not a huge fan of how the fortune cookies work. I didn’t use any leaf tickets for this event.

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