Samshine Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Update

I am currently at level 76. I am LOVING the Zipper Wonderland Event that is going on. I was super excited to get the wonderland cat hood. I found it easier to catch the eggs than than past events. My villagers are reaching level 20 and thankfully I am still receiving rewards from them after I finish a task.

The Super Mario event going on. That has been a blast collecting the green and red mushrooms. I also really enjoy the leaf tickets that are gifted if you finish building one of the event items. I was super excited to get enough mushrooms to create Princess Peach’s crown. I am hoping to make more than one but these mushrooms are difficult to collect.

Thank you SoooOOOooo much for checking out my Animal Crossing journal. Find me on Patreon. Find me on Bonanza to purchase amiibo cards.  You can become my friend in Pocket Camp by adding my friend ID below.

Friend ID: 4391 – 6806 – 740


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