Isabelle Themed Rewards on Patroen

I’ve been working on an Isabelle box set for my Patreon rewards. It’s been a dream come true to finally work with these different mediums to make characters from Animal Crossing. I’ve been planning and saving. Last week and tonight I finally was able to take action and bring a few of these goals to life. I still have time to improve my skills but for now I’ve at least started the process. Each medium I’ve had a personal experience with.

Perler Beads –

Picking out each individual bead takes a long time and is painful on my back. I learned to just pay the extra dollar to buy the packs of 1 color versus getting them in mixed bags. Knowing this I will still snatch up any sweet dealed bags of perlers while thrifting. I also learned that I change what I want repeatedly which is annoying when you’re moving each bead one or two at a time. I found that with perler beads I need to know what I’m doing ahead of time. Before I bring the beads out onto my desk I have to have a plan of the bead design. Otherwise I’ll be there moving beads back and forth forever and ever… Lol

Felt –

I’ve worked with raw wool felt before. I went into this experience with that perspective. Wrong! What I should’ve done was start off with a sharp pair of scissors. Instead, I used a few different mediocre pairs until I found the sharpest. Once I found the sharpest scissors I was able to cut the right angles and shapes. Having the right tools is key.


Stickers –

Creating digital art is awesome! I appreciate the ability to save multiple options and take it in different directions. I start by using Paint to draw the villager and then I take it into Topaz Impressions to add filters that cause effects on the paint style and texture. Then I create the page that’ll be printed to become stickers. I printed 5 differentiated versions of these stickers until I got the right color. Then I printed them on glossy photo paper and put them through the sticker machine. I seem to have the hardest time picking print safe colors. So that’s something I’m still working on.


Polymer Clay –

Let’s just start out by saying that I’m getting acquainted with clay work. My figurines are a work in progress. I’m still working on hand placement so as not to imlprint the clay. Keeping tools, hands, and surfaces clean so as not to mix colors or get colors onto the wrong places. I’m also learning about the order of the placement of the clay and sizing. I keep making the eyes too big. Lol my leaf making skills seemed to improve with each one. I mixed the color sculpey 3 clay with premo clay in order to strengthen its durability. I look forward to making more Isabelle heads.

Things on my mind:

I want to make an Isabelle head in raw wool. I have made figurines in wool before but it’s been a long time because my wool needles broke and I need to replace them.

I want to make an Isabelle head & body stamp made out of rubber. I’ll have to order rubber and then I can use my laser cutter to outline the stamp and then I’ll go in and cut even deeper to establish the stamp.

Once I have stamps I can create custom Isabelle stationary.

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