St Patrick’s Day in Pocket Camp

St Patricks Day in Pocket Camp was super fun. I really enjoyed dressing up the villagers in my campsite in green outfits to commemorate St. Patricks day. I am working on adding more blogpost about my Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

I decided to wear the awesome shamrock hat that was gifted from Pocket Camp. Then I wore the shamrock blazer, green plaid shorts, white stockings, and figure skate shoes. I was super excited to level up to 72 during the St Patricks event.

The images above I have Stitches, Bob, Filbert, and Kyle. I arranged the large crystal in a circle with the round spring flower bed in the middle. I used the gothic rose rug under the crystals and flower bed. I really love the way this looks. I know I will change it over time but for now It is one of my favorite designs.

Thank you SoooOOOooo much for checking out my Animal Crossing journal. Find me on Patreon. Find me on BonanzaΒ to purchase amiibo cards.Β Β You can become my friend in Pocket Camp by adding my friend ID below.

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