Level Up 88

My favorite number is 8 so I was SUPER EXCITED when I leveled up to 88.  You can see Vic behind me cheering me on.  I was really happy to see Vic as a villagers because I have always enjoyed collecting the Scale Armor clothing. Vic is wearing the scale armor suit in all of […]

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Perler Leaf

I reinstated my Patreon account. I was missing making little animal crossing crafts. I had a friend express interest in pledging but I had already closed my account. After her inquiry I decided why not reopen. The images below are of my most recent mini perler bead creation. The leaf from Animal Crossing New Leaf. […]

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Chow the Villager

It was my brothers birthday this month so I decided to make him an Animal Crossing themed gift. His favorite villager is chow so I decided to make him a giant perler bead Chow head. “Remember… I’m always watching you.” ― Chow, Wild World You can read all about Chow on the Fandom Wiki page here. […]

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Zipper WonderLand & Super Mario

Zipper Wonderland Event was super fun. I really enjoyed collecitng all of the furniture. I was also able to level up while playing this event. I am now at a level 78 in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. YAY!   I really enjoy the customizability of appearances in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. I really enjoy creating […]

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Etoíle Cosplay

This was my first ever cosplay!! I decided early on that I wanted to cosplay a villager from Animal Crossing.  I new at that point most people would probably not know who I was. That allowed me to choose a villager that I liked versus choosing a villager that I thought people would recognize. Since […]

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